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ANTBASE Habitats

Ant farm was introduced into the world by Milton M. Levine in 1956. It was an instant hit. So far, more than 20,000,000 Ant farm habitats have been sold worldwide. This product has created not just fun but also an ant culture to the world. LanBo ANTBASE products have enriched this culture. The formulated nutritious gel in the habitat provides a very healthy environment to ants. It gives all ants need to live. The crystal clear gel and transparent habitat let you see through how ants live, work and play. The tunnels created by your ants are great viewing.

lanbo100 - ANTBASE Habitat

lanbo102 - ANTBASE Combo

lanbo103 - ANTBASE Kit

lanbo104 - ANTBASE Gel

lanbo105 - ANTBASE LED Light

lanbo107 - Mini ANTBASE Habitat (Boot)

lanbo110 - ANTBASE Habitat (W-Shape)

lanbo111 - ANTBASE Combo (W-Shape)

lanbo112 - ANTBASE LED light (W-Shape)

lanbo114 - ANTBASE Hill

lanbo115 - Mini ANTBASE Habitat

lanbo116 - Mini ANTBASE Habitat

lanbo117 - Mini ANTBASE Habitat

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